Women Intervention Program


Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV {PMTCT} is very important. Thus, as per NACO every pregnant woman is to be advised to get her HIV test done. Understanding of HIV /AIDS amongst the women in the rural areas is very low which makes it very essential to increase their level of understanding. GAP has undertaken the task and has organized Mamta Day (Health Check-up day}, Street base Meetings and Awareness programs in the Rural areas through individual Meeting and group meeting. Under these programs GAP imparted information regarding sexually Transmitted infection, HIV/AIDS and PMTCT services to the pregnant women, nursing mothers and young women. Those beneficiary pregnant women were referred to integrated counseling and testing center {ICTC} for HIV test.



Covered Villages under this program: 256

Pregnant Women through “one on one” meeting: 1007

Nursing Mother through “one on one” meeting: 718

Young women through Group meeting: 19,027

Total Contacted: 20,752

Refer to pregnant women for HIV Test: 622

HIV tests done: 256