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Project India, a long time commitment of the Association of Indians in America, NY Chapter, has channeled more than $ 15 million worth of direct assistance and equipment to relief projects in India

In 2005:

Project India partnered with Gujarat AIDS and Awareness and Prevention (GAP), a NGO based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is recognized as the lead non – governmental organization a resource center for the information, advocacy and counseling in the field of HIV/AIDS.

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In 2006:

Project India reached out to the Brooklyn Hospital Center ( TBHC), well known for its pioneering work in infectious diseases.

Collaborated with fxb USA, a global organization, working in 18 countries and committed to pediatric AIDS

In 2008:

Mobile Unit introduced, travelled across villages, acted as a community center, to reach people

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In 2015-2017:


The work of GAP emphasizes on Comprehensive Wellness Care and Counseling, through thoughtfully designed Programs “Family Health” with a focus on Women and Adolescents

Medical Consultation Camps:

Since 2005, Annual Medical Camps attended by the physicians from The Brooklyn Hospital, dispelled the social bias, through their early diagnosis, holistic treatment and continued care.

Reach: 39 Camps held, 1,255 attended: 404 Females, 357 Males, 230 Girls, 264 Boys.

Challenge: Clear evidence of improved positivity, health and increased awareness.

Prevention of Mother to Child:

Controlling transmission through pregnancy is Critical. GAP organizes “Mamta Day”, when workers educate and counsel expectant mothers regards risk to the unborn, during lactation and direct them for HIV testing.

—Reach: 256 Villages, 20,752 women contacted, 1007 expectant women tested, 528 women tested positive

—Challenge: Only 17% of HIV testing for rural base women is covered by Government.

Bal Gopal / Bal Mukul:

Program specially designed for Children Living with HIV and Adolescents Living with HIV (Bal Mukul). Life Skill Training Program addresses multiple of concerns such as Stigma & Discrimination, Nutrition, Hygiene, Mental Health.

—Reach: 170 orphan children, living with HIV. Assisted 24 children to School Scholarships

—Challenge: Poverty, in need of full support


GAP operates Centers named “Anamika” in Ahmedabad and Modassa. To provide Care and Counseling to families living with HIV/AIDS. GAP’s scientific Paper was selected to be presented at International AID ‘s Society Durban, South Africa in July 2016.

—Reach: 7413 registered, 6014 counselled, 5948 tested for TB, tested 425 expectant mothers.