Looking Ahead into the Future


EXPAND Health Care Into Rajasthan:

•Provide dental and gynecological care, thru hiring of local doctors

•Develop & provide protein rich nutrition kits

•Host Information and Counseling Training sessions for women including, strengthening referral services for testing in early stage of pregnancy.


SUPPORT Three “Aanganwadi”:

•Successful implementation of Program in ten villages of Modasa when 502 women were interviewed and counseled on importance of health and hygiene.

ADOPT Two Schools in Tribal Region:

  • Adolescent Education in high schools
  • Today, 2000 Families across 80 Villages are served by the dedicated team of staff. These are tribal areas on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan.
  • Our Team has close relationship with the local Medical Centers and plays a vital role of Advocacy.

We have expended over $ 250,000 in support of programs