Our Impact/Strategic Approach

A 2002 report by the United Nations predicted 20 to 25 million AIDS cases in India by 2010 - more than any other country in the world

AIA elected to focus on health and specifically on AIDS Awareness and Prevention. 

In late 2005, we made a commitment to supporting a renowned NGO called Gujarat AIDS Awareness and Prevention (GAP), based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

GAP was founded in 1989 and is recognized as the pioneer organization in the field of HIV/AIDS. It is a lead non-governmental organization - a resource center for information, advocacy and counseling. 

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These all blocks are at the bordering Rajasthan state.  In these blocks 62% population are socially, economically and educationally backward, 20% are tribal community.  

The majority of population is landless labor and causal laborers. This also led the migration from rural areas to urban mostly in to transport business.
Hence area is sensitized and high risk for HIV/AIDS related VULNERABILY.

Women’s literacy rate is 50%, and the awareness level towards the women’s reproductive related diseases and system, HIV/AIDS related issues

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“Building Awareness”:

—In 2005, created, published and distributed “Hetal-1” and “Hetal-2” informational booklets for adolescents on reproductive and sexual health. The book has been distributed to more than 6,000 high school students.

“Building Patient Trust”:

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—Since 2005, Annual trip by the Physicians from the Brooklyn Hospital Center has made a significant impact in the lives of the patients. The mutual trust has resulted into early diagnosis, wholistic treatment and continued care.

—“Door to Door” home visits by the GAP volunteers, engaging Panchayat heads, local health officers and school teachers led a multiple approach to build trust and engaged confidence.

“Mobile Medical Unit”:

—The Mobile Unit, which is a large transportable tent serves as a magnet for the community activities, including patient examination and treatment.

“Health Check Up Camps”:

—Patient care center, where patients and families could be ensured confidentiality and trust.

—Counseling sessions conducted to provide help to the care givers, including on nutrition and hygiene 

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“Home Visits”:

—Critical in motivating patients, monitoring care and providing counseling, supplementary nutritive food and hygiene kits. Every three months to monitor physical and mental health via counseling.

Since 2012...

Program’s focus Is NO longer on HIV/AIDS.

Program NOW focuses on:

“Comprehensive Healthcare to Women and Children”
Through Increased Awareness and Direct Help

Past Year, GAP – Our Local Partner – passed Government of India’s nationwide scrutiny of all operating NGOs

GAP is certified as a trustworthy and a legitimate NGO – as part of the diligent scrutiny by Government of India