Project India

(philanthropic arm of the Association of Indians in America, USA - a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization - 501(C)(3): 23-7192936)




AIA Project India, in partnership with GAP (Gujarat Aids Awareness and Prevention Unit) holds an important place in the area of reproductive/sexual health and HIV/AIDS, with its specific programs, quality of service, advocacy for greater gender equality, access to care, reduce stigma and build on the local community partnership.

 Project India serves the needs of over 2,000 families across 80 villages along the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. We are pleased that information and counseling has empowered girls and young women to take control of their own health, thereby improving the family’s wellbeing.


Our Mission

Bringing comprehensive healthcare to rural/tribal villages, with focus on women and children.

Our Goal:

1. Make women aware of their rights & responsibilities for their reproductive and sexual health

2. Empower women through education, counseling and quality of maternity care

3. Teach adolescents to become responsible adults, in areas of hygiene, nutrition, sexual behavior and reproductive health.

We strive to achieve:

1. 0% new infection of HIV  

2. 0% Stigma and Discrimination and

3. 100% of improved quality of life.



Our Impact

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Million Dollars Raised

Direct assistance and equipment to relief projects in India.



Years of commitment

From 2005, medical camps and specifically designed programs for women and children in India have been organized.



Thousand women contacted

“Mamta Day”, when workers educate and counsel expectant mothers regards risk to the unborn, during lactation and direct them for HIV testing.


Our Programs

For the past 13 years, AIA's Project India has been empowering and supporting women and children in more remotest of villages and conditions to strive for the betterment of their livelihoods. 


In 2005:

Project India partnered with Gujarat AIDS and Awareness and Prevention (GAP), a NGO based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is recognized as the lead non – governmental organization a resource center for the information, advocacy and counseling in the field of HIV/AIDS.

In 2008:

Mobile Unit introduced, travelled across villages, acted as a community center, to reach people

In 2006:

Project India reached out to the Brooklyn Hospital Center ( TBHC), well known for its pioneering work in infectious diseases.

Collaborated with fxb USA, a global organization, working in 18 countries and committed to pediatric AIDS

In 2015-2017:

The work of GAP emphasizes on Comprehensive Wellness Care and Counseling, through thoughtfully designed Programs “Family Health” with a focus on Women and Adolescents


Get Involved

Today, 2000 Families across 80 Villages are served by the dedicated team of our staff. These are tribal areas on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The Project India team has close relationships with the local Medical Centers and plays a vital role of advocacy. We would love to have you and your skills as a part of our team for the betterment of our community and country. Please see below on where you would be the best fit!


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