Bal-Gopal Program


We had launched an innovative and specific program for Children Living with HIV (CLHIV) and Adolescent living with HIV (Bal-Mukul) where we have taken 54 of Sabarkantha and 46 of HIV positive children of Ahmadabad.  

Main objective of the program was to improve the quality of the care and   provide support to CLHIV for their beer lives and development. We have held every three monthly home Visit to each beneficiary and monitored physical and mental health; and also monitored of ART Adherence. During the Visit we have provided pediatric counseling. We have referred for Eye, ENT, Dental and skin problem. We also have scrutinized TB through 4S methods and educated parents and caregivers for care. We gave supportive supplementary nutritive food, Hygiene kits, and Educational kits. We have organized life skills education to adolescents and organized review meetings in 2014 and held advocacy meeting of program at national level. The achievement under the program, more than 92% CLHIV were very regular into ART center.  

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